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I noted previously that building perl on a dual G4/1.25 GHz / 1GB RAM was fast. Well, doing it on a dual G5/2.0 GHz / 2GB RAM is a lot faster. I set the processor peformance to "Highest" or whatever, from the default of automatic, because I am greedy. Building perl 5.8.0.

Configure -des, G4:

real    1m3.518s
user    0m19.540s
sys     0m38.910s

Configure -des, G5:

real    0m38.829s
user    0m15.650s
sys     0m20.830s

make -j3, G4:

real    5m24.854s
user    5m11.600s
sys     1m17.350s

make -j3, G5:

real    2m13.563s
user    3m29.540s
sys     0m48.700s

make -j3 test, G4:

real    7m35.339s
user    3m18.180s
sys     1m2.870s

make -j3 test, G5:

real    6m48.294s
user    4m9.670s
sys     0m36.290s

From beginning to end, the G4 did it all in 14:04. The G5 did it in 9:41. Taking away the tests, and it is more like 6:28 to 3:53.

Mmmmm, speedilicious. use.perl.org

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