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Pedro Martinez had men on second and third, one run in, nobody out, in game 3 of the ALCS, and hit Karim Garcia on the first pitch. There is simply no justification for saying it was intentional. When you hit someone intentionally, you do it when it won't significantly hurt your team. People who say it was "clearly" intentional are morons. Maybe it was on purpose, but the evidence is -- um, clearly -- stacked against that hypothesis.

And even if you somehow disagree with the above analysis of the situation -- that if you are gonna hit someone, you don't do it in that worst-of-all situations, a truism that casts serious doubt on the claim of intent -- you are still left with the fact that it is only a guess, a hypothesis, a theory as to what his intentions were. You don't know. It is not clear. You are a moron. Stop it.

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