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I got Robomower. I didn't get to install it this weekend, as the box did not include any of the necessary accessories (wire, stakes, box to run current through wire, directions, etc.). Went back to dealer on Monday to pick those things up. I'll do that the next day I am not bogged down at work, and it is not raining (maybe Friday, Saturday?).

I also am returning my Harmony Remote SST-768 in favor of the more user-friendly SST-659. The new one is shaped like a TiVo remote, it has dedicated directional pad (old one shared it with numeric keypad, which was my single biggest frustration with it), dedicated activity buttons, etc. My only fear is that it apparently does not allow XML customizations of the configuration like the old one did. I hope that won't be an issue (I did have a few customizations in the old one, mostly to add items to menus, but the new one has more buttons to play with, so it shouldn't be an issue).

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