The Matrix Revolutions (SOME SPOILERS)

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I've heard a lot of people say they disliked the new Matrix movie. I thought it was great, better than Reloaded. I enjoyed it almost as much as the original. It had much better pacing than Reloaded, and much better action.

I cringed when they left Agent Smith (now as a human) alone with the doctor. "Hm, we suspect he is insane and killed several of our crews, let's leave him alone with the doctor!" Couldn't they have spared one or two guards?

I also hated the scene where Trinity died. She should have died quicker, or Neo should have left her there. People are dying in Zion, pal, get moving. Here's how I would have rewritten the scene:

TRINITY: Kiss me.

They kiss.

TRINITY: Now go.

NEO: I can't leave you.

TRINITY: I'm going to die, and you can't wait, now go!

NEO: I can't!


Trinity dies.

Neo holds her and yells.

NEO: Nooooooooo!

Neo suspects something, leans over and puts his ear to Trinity's chest.

NEO: Hey, you're not dead!

TRINITY: Well, what the hell do you want me to do? I can't just die, and you're too much of a wuss to go save everyone until I do. Here, give me that shard of glass, I'll do myself!

NEO: Nooooooooo!

Trinity reaches for glass, Neo tries to grab it from her, they struggle, she ends up with glass through heart, she dies.

NEO: Nooooooooo!

Everyone in Zion, having run into the temple, is overrun by the sentinels. They die.

Speaking of death, did Neo die? Did I miss something?

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