We Must Have Order

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Order the Democratic candidates with the candidate you like the most (in terms of policies, not ability to govern or temperment or personality etc.) first, descending to the one you like least, last. Bonus: if you could select any person -- any at all -- to be President, who would it be? You can joke if you like, but I think serious answers (noting especially people eligible for the job) might be more interesting. My list (feel free to add notes at the end):
  1. Lieberman
  2. Kerry
  3. Dean
  4. Clark
  5. Gephardt
  6. Mosely-Braun
  7. Edwards
  8. Kucinich
  9. Sharpton

It's hard to arrange some of them toward the middle, as let's face it, their policies are all quite similar in some cases. Kucinich gets the edge over Sharpton because I admire some of his policies on trade. Dean ... I want to put him lower because he is so damned vague on the details. Same thing with Clark. If I knew more about them, I might bump them below Gephardt.

If I could pick any person to be President, it'd be Newt Gingrich. Give me a better answer! slashdot.org

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