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Dean's "I Have A Scream" speech is killing him. I won't say that what Dean said or did in that speech reflected any deficiency on his part, except for one: he does not know how to prevent himself from looking bad. It's not that what he said or did was wrong, but he appeared foolish to many people, and it is hurting him.

Not that I feel bad for him. I dislike him, and I've been predicting for months -- ever since I saw him on a major Meet the Press interview last summer -- that as more people saw more of him, as the races heated up, they would turn away. I just didn't imagine it would be over something so trivial.

OK, I guess I can't say this speech did him in: after all, he was slated to take 30% or more in Iowa, and only managed 18%, before The Scream. So he was already dropping, if you believe the many polls. Maybe Democrat voters are actually evaluating the man and his views and abilities, and not his scream.

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