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More Democrats than Republicans in the House of Represenatives voted for Bush's No Child Left Behind Act. Republicans were 186-34-0-1 (aye-no-present-not voting), Democrats were 197-10-0-3, and independents were 1-1-0-0.

In the Senate, it was Republicans 44-3-2 (yea-nay-not voting), Democrats 43-6-1, Traitors^WIndependents 0-1-0.

The Democrats who voted for it include Gephardt and Kucinich in the House, and Kerry, Edwards, Lieberman, and Graham in the Senate (that is, all of the Democrats running for President who were in office).

And note that Kerry and Edwards have been strong critics of it, as have all of the Democrats.

Just something to think about when the Democrats rail against NCLB.

For the record, I'd have been one of the few voting against it. :-) Not only because it is an unfunded mandate (that those Democrats all voted for), but particularly because I think it is an unconstitutional usurpation of power by the federal government. USURPERS!

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