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I was hoping I would see this movie and say, it's a great movie for anyone to watch. I was hoping it would do a great job of putting the movie in its proper historical context, of showing what it really meant to America at the time.

It tried to do that, but it just didn't succeed. The majority of people who are not sports fans who see this movie will come away thinking it was the Mighty Ducks vs. Russia.

I did like the movie, but I was hoping for something a bit more. It told the story of a legendary coach, a great team, and their against-all-odds victory, and it told it well. The acting and action were excellent. The movie flowed well. It was exciting, entertaining, and even uplifting.

But while the movie is based on a great story --one of my favorites -- its form isn't all that unique. David beats Goliath, and does it with team chemistry and hard work. We see it all the time, and it is a wonderful story, but what really sets this story apart is the surrounding context, and I just don't think it was really nailed. It is certainly mentioned -- the opening titles focuesd solely on American history of the six years prior to the events in the movie -- but it was mostly lip service.

Well, there was the one scene where the assistant coach and team doctor are waiting in line for gas, and every once in awhile someone mentions how this is more than just a hockey game, or how Americans really needed something to feel good about, etc. But I didn't really feel it, I didn't experience it like I wanted to.

So, I like it and recommend it to anyone who wants to see it, and I will surely buy the DVD, but I am just disappointed, as I think it could have been better. use.perl.org

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