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As mentioned previously, I had wrist surgery this month. The doctor removed a piece of damaged cartilage (TFCC) between my ulna and hand. I am recovering very well. It was two weeks ago yesterday, and I already have 95% motion or so. It still hurts, but it hurts significantly less every day. I have been typing all week with both hands, and yesterday played guitar (though not so much with the barre chords).

Speaking of guitars, since I've been unable to play much (even before the surgery, as I had a lot of pain), I've spent more time on preparing to play. Our spare room is now a music room, with a Yamaha digital piano, an iMac, microphones, monitors, etc. I cleaned up my old Epiphone strat-style guitar and have begun the process of making some changes to it (I put a Kahler tremolo on it some years ago, and am now putting in Fender electronics). I ordered a Washburn X40 guitar yesterday. I need to restring my Martin acoustic. A friend of mine has an Ibanez Road Star II bass to round out my collection (I first played the cello, then moved to bass guitar, but have not had a bass in 10 years or more). When my wrist is fully healed, I am gonna get back into playing and recording. use.perl.org

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