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This week in politics was fairly boring, oddly enough. More of the same boring stuff about Perle and the two campaigns. So here's something a little bit different: a book review!

I just finished listening to An End to Evil by David Frum and Richard Perle. If you want to really understand (as much as possible) the "neocon" view of the world today, this book really is a must-read.

I don't like saying "must-read" because, well, there are so many good sources of information and entertainment out there, why single out one in particular? In this case, it is because Richard Perle is the only one who seems able to lay out the "neocon" case fully and clearly, and this book is the most full and clear exposition I've yet seen.

The book explains the terrorism and other related international challenges facing America, and argues for why our past actions were right or wrong, and why various proposed future actions are right or wrong. It's a roadmap, from the perspective of halfway along the journey.

Agree or disagree with its assessments and conclusions, the book is intensely important, considering many of America's top leaders subscribe to much of what the authors say. And while being respectful of those whom they disagree with, they pull no punches in explaining why everyone who disagrees with them is wrong.

It's fairly comprehensive, so it'd be hard me to sum up the book using specific conclusions, because they have conclusions for everything from national IDs to policy with China. I suppose the most basic explanation of the views contained therein is that American policy should look out for Americans first, and that our policy abroad should be proactive, though not uniform, as every situation with every country is different.

Especially in light of the recent book from Richard Clarke about what Bush did wrong -- much of which Frum and Perle would agree with, in the time leading up to 9/11 -- this book provides an insight into where our leaders are taking us. Both Clarke and Perle were inside government for years, warning of the gathering storm. Both were right. But both have very different views of what to do next.

I bought it from iTunes Music Store, though I plan to get it in hard copy at some point.

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