Boston Championships

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At least one Boston team has won championships, in the four major sports, every decade since the 1900s, except the 1990s. And in onnly the 1970s did more than one team win a championship, when both the Celtics and Bruins won, two apiece.

(Note: I am using the common definition of "decade", which means the very first decade was from years 1 to 9, the second from years 10 to 19, and so on :-).

1903: Red Sox

1912: Red Sox
1915: Red Sox
1916: Red Sox
1918: Red Sox

1929: Bruins

1939: Bruins

1941: Bruins

1957: Celtics
1959: Celtics

1960: Celtics
1961: Celtics
1962: Celtics
1963: Celtics
1964: Celtics
1965: Celtics
1966: Celtics
1968: Celtics
1969: Celtics

1970: Bruins
1972: Bruins
1974: Celtics
1976: Celtics

1981: Celtics
1984: Celtics
1986: Celtics

2002: Patriots
2004: Patriots

What does this mean? That I should probably give up on the Bruins, Sox, and Celtics until 2010. :/ Of course, I won't. The Red Sox are far and away the best team in the majors right now, and the Bruins are very close to being able to compete for the championship (being the best regular season team in the Eastern Conference two of the last three years). Maybe they won't win in the end, but I'll enjoy it for the duration it lasts.

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