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I just started watching Handmade Music on the DIY network (Do It Yourself, which is available on DirecTV's "plus" programming package).

I thoroughly enjoyed the first three episodes, where luthier Lynn Dudenbostel constructed a replica of a Gibson F5 Mandolin from the 1920s. Next week they have a one-episode construction of a dulcimer. Then they will go back and show the episodes I missed, which I most want to see: Dudenbostel's creation of a 1920s Martin D-28 guitar, which is, incidentally, the guitar I want to get someday (I've got the much less expensive DX1, which is similar, but made of largely composite materials except for the spruce top). So I'm very much looking forward to seeing the rest of this 8-episode series, and I hope they make more.

The web site has a detailed overview, with pictures, of each step. Dudenbostel is an incredible craftsman. use.perl.org

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