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THERE IS NOT GOING TO BE A DRAFT. There are no plans to reinstitute the military draft. The military generals don't want it. Even if they did, the Congress would need to approve it, and they don't want it. Therefore, it is not going to happen. Stop saying there is going to be a draft: you're wrong. You're being manipulated by Bush-haters and conspiracy theorists into believing a ridiculous lie.

There is some confusion because of one bill, and one other circumstance.

First, Charlie Rangel -- a very partisan Democratic congressman -- introduced a bill to restart the draft, because he is against the draft and the war in Iraq. It's not common to introduce a bill you disagree with, and most people in DC tend to look on it as being disingenous (because, well, it clearly is). You know that when a bill is opposed by its sponsors that it doesn't have much of a chance, and this bill -- being opposed by the military and civilian leaders of the military and an overwhelming majority of Senators, Representatives, and citizens -- is no exception.

Second, there's been a push to fill up vacant draft board seats. You see, under the system that began in 1979, draft board members served 20 year terms. Therefore, since 1999, there's been a lot of vacancies, and a push to fill them. Especially at a time of increased national security, you want to make sure all your procedures for emergencies are in place, and this is one of them. It does not mark a push to reinstate the draft, but to fill seats left vacant the last few years.

No one is moving to reinstate the draft. It is not happening. There's nothing to see here. Move along. slashdot.org

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