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Ralph Nader wants people to believe that he is going to siphon more conservative votes from Bush than he will liberal votes from Kerry.

Is Nader crazy? I ask the question seriously. His views are largely anthema to conservatism. Go on down the list of his views, and they are things conservatives stand against. And if he were really hoping to appeal to conservatives, why select someone as his running mate, who is even less conservative? Peter Camejo ran as a Green for governor in California last year, and as a Socialist for President at one point. The only second- or third-tier party less conservative than the Greens in this country is the Socialists.

I can only conclude he is either insane or just lying when he says he is going to pull votes away from Bush. If conservative voters really feel like they can't vote for Bush, they will likely vote for a conservative or libertarian third party, or just stay home. Nader won't be a factor. slashdot.org

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