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I'm away from home this weekend, so this will be brief.


Not for nothing, but it rings hollow when you anonymously call someone a coward. "Anonymous," the author of a book blasting Bush, must be a Slashdot AC.


Not too many Bush-haters are talking about the fact that Putin warned the U.S. -- after 9/11 and before the war on Iraq -- that Hussein was planning terrorist attacks in the U.S. But what I really want to know is why the Bush administration didn't mention it as more evidence to go to war.

Regardless, it should be instructive to us all that the government knows a lot more than it says about many things, and the things it leaves out don't necessarily make it look bad.

Oil Prices

My local gas stations were up near (and over) $2.30/gallon recently. Now some of them are down to under $2, at $1.999. Funny, I was told by Bush-haters that gas prices wouldn't be dropping any time soon.

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