Moore and the FEC

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I've seen a lot of people blaming the FEC for an upcoming decision, in which they may say that Moore cannot advertise his movie within 30 days of the election. Such criticisms are clearly misplaced. Congress passed a law setting this requirement, and the FEC is doing its best to enforce it.

One person says, "Personally, I think Michael Moore is a dishonest dirtbag. Nonetheless, he has a right to speak." He goes on to criticize his abridgement of free speech and says the FEC should be abolished. And he's not the only one.

This is precisely why I and many other people were against McCain-Feingold. There were other reasons, but those were all problens of degree: how much, how many, from whom. This is a simple issue of free speech: Congress shall make no such law. And they did.

And not only did the Congress pass the law, the Supreme Court upheld it. Don't like it? Fine, I agree with you. But don't blame the FEC. They were given the law, and don't have the authority to change it.

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