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My internal HD in my server seemed to be dying. I am not sure what's wrong -- nothing I tried revealed problems -- but some files were unreadable (like Console.app's executable). So I needed to replace the HD, or risk waiting until it completely died.

The thing is, my server is a PowerBook G3/500. HDs are not cheap. So after mulling over the possibilities, I decided to take one of the two external FireWire HDs connected to the server (via a 14-foot cable, so they are in the closet) and repartition it so the startup volume is now there instead. And now, I have no internal HD.

Now, what I at first didn't think about when devising this plan is that one of my biggest annoyances with my server is the noise the internal HD makes. It's pretty loud, and always has been, but now, it's gone. For some reason it would spin up periodically, so I removed it altogether. It's kinda weird to type on the keyboard since the machine is quite a bit lighter. But the important thing is that it is nearly silent.

Right now the only loud noise in the room is the room's fan, and the old Linux box in the closet, which is muffled by the closet doors, and is only on for a week or two while I finish up some development on it. use.perl.org

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