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I forgot one of the big lies: that Kerry voted against funding the troops. I've mentioned this one, in this space, a bunch of times. The fact is that Kerry only voted against funding the troops because he didn't like HOW it was funded, and he never would have disallowed, through his vote, the funding of the troops. If he had been successful in stopping the bill, then the bill would have changed to suit his desires, to get him to approve it. He made this very clear at the time, on Face the Nation, and in other places. And yet Bush is still out there saying Kerry flip-flopped by voting for the war, and against the funding of the troops.

Again: any implication that Kerry was against the funding of the troops is false. He voted only against one way to fund the troops, and would not have allowed them to remain unfunded.

Strangely, as I say that, I am also condemning Kerry. He is now trying to frame his vote against ther $87B as though it was a vote against the war itself. Now, it's a smart move: he was losing the battle to convince people he was trying to fund the war, so he embraced it instead, and spun it to his favor, as though he had actually been against the funding, saying the other day in Boston (as part of the reason he voted against the bill): "The United States of America should never go to war because we want to; we only go to war because we have to." More deceptions. More lies.

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