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I get weird submissions to sometimes. By "weird" I mean submissions devoid of context and unrelated to any topic on the site. Here's one I got tonight (only the name has been changed). It has all the standard elements of such submissions, including the common horrible grammar and spelling. Practical joke, moron, or e-mail address harvester? You be the judge!

Athesist the truth

[redacted] writes "Athesist people are not scared of faith we just dont believe in 'god' as you say I mean how do you believe in somethning you cant see and dont tel me that faith bul shit I dont care maybe you need to get to know a real athesist person before you judge ok? bc you are not explaing shit thats right you have no right to judge us it even says so in the book of lies that you cal the 'bible' wel when you have a clue what it realy is e mail me bc it will be a joy to read your e mail."

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