Another Example of Anti-Democracy

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Ted Rall is an idiot. I don't mean he's unintelligent, I mean he lacks judgment. He lacks the ability to discern. If something falls outside his preconceived notions, it is necessarily wrong, and if you disagree, you're stupid. And not just little-w wrong, but Wrong. Evil. Everything you do that he dislikes is just one step away from Hitler. It's the height of evilness to get rid of the Taliban, because Bush did it. And Pat Tillman wasn't a hero for sacrificing his life and millions of dollars for his country, he was a stupid Arab killer.

With this lunatic's track record, it should come as no surprise that he is essentially calling for New Yorkers to intentionally subvert the democratic process when the GOP comes to NYC in a couple of weeks. And indeed, it does not.

Now, you could easily defeat most of what he says with simple arguments. It's not hard. Like, the silly assumption that forms the basis of his piece, that a city that has elected a couple of Republican mayors in a row is hostile to Republicans. There, I just did it! I don't wish to dwell on his insane ramblings about stuff that can't be true and never happened. I just want to focus on the fact that he is encouraging and welcoming anti-democracy, which should make all his fellow Democrats embarassed.

I highly recommend that you do not read Ted Rall on any regular basis. If you agree with his political bent, you will only wind up more ignorant for having read him. If you disagree, you'll just get worked up over nothing. It's not worth it. He is a professional troll -- far better than any of you silly amateurs on Slashdot -- and I only mention it because it is a great example of what we were talking about in the previous journal entry.

One more note: on the radio today, someone said he looked up in whois and called him, and had a talk with him, at the end of which Rall threatened to call the cops. Ha! I have no idea if it is true, but what the caller said Ted said throughout rang true.

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