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John Kerry was visiting just two towns away from me, but I didn't feel like getting out to demonstrate my support for Bush in front. Too bad I missed it though, because a middle aged Kerry supporter punched a teenaged Bush supporter in the face. Who needs the Olympics with that kind of entertainment? Although since I saw both on TV, I guess I made the right decision.

I put Bush and GOP bumper stickers on my car. Recently, some moron put a "your SUV sucks" (paraphrased) bumper sticker on there. I showed them! I also put some GOP candidate signs in my lawn, for three local candidates I like: Dino Rossi for governor, Mike Vaska for attonrey general, and Val Stevens for state senator (incumbent).

I also got a Bush yard sign in the mail this week, I'll put it up soon. I am going to have a Bush-watching party at my house for the neighborhood this Thursday night, and got some stickers and buttons and signs and cups. And, of course, I got some volunteer forms for people to sign up to do stuff for Bush, and absentee ballot requests as well (parties and candidates love absentee ballots).

Accompanying the paperwork was a DVD of the Kerry on Iraq documentary. You can just download it, you don't need to get the DVD.

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