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I know he's trolling, but this is just too funny. He attacks me, so I ban him (as I have banned him before ... hell, the fact that he is evading a ban by changing nicknames is reason enough to ban him, but I decided to let him have a second chance).

So he says, "Many of us believe ... that you and those who hold your political opinions are not only incorrect, but dangerously neglegent (sic)." That "many of us" is him. He's said it before. Then he says, "If that's true ... you are not intelligent ... blah blah." His defense is that he used the conditional IF that is true. But he says it IS true, so the conditional is irrelevant to whether or not it is attacking of me: he is saying, "I believe you are not intelligent." This is too funny.

Then he tries to suck me in by attacking my employer and family, which just proves he is either trolling or insane. I am not sure which, and I don't much care. He's clearly proven himself incapable of not being attacking, insulting, and irrational, so he is gone. He's been discussed here several times before, and this is the last time. :-)

But the real reason I posted this is because he is completely delusional about the Commission on Presidential Debates! Now the conventions are over, and I wanted to bring them up again, and his lunatic ranting provides the opportunity. Look, this is simple fact: the CPD was created by the two parties, and it exists to serve them. There is no CPD apart from them. The CPD doesn't even attempt to enforce anything on the parties.

That they announce the debate dates is only a way to try to feign compliance with federal regulations about how the debates are sponsored. The way this works every election year since 1988 is that the two candidates get together and negotiate all the terms of the debate. Everything. Including the dates and number of debates. The CPD does not make that decision, and never has. Sometimes they accept the numbers and dates offered by the CPD, sometimes not.

Even in 1992 when Perot was in the debates, it was only because Bush wanted him in, and Perot was not allowed to negotiate. He was an invited guest of the Bush and Clinton campaigns, who made all the decisions, down to the sizes of podiums. Then in 1996, Dole's people gave Clinton everything he wanted -- including allowing one of the debates to be moved to the same night as the baseball playoffs, so fewer people would see it -- just to keep Perot out of the debates.

The CPD doesn't care, as long as the two candidates are happy. This year will be nothing different. It's not Bush's fault, anymore than it is Kerry's, or Clinton's, or Dole's, or Bush's, etc. It's a problem with both parties that needs to be fixed. slashdot.org

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