Paying for Bush's Proposals

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Bush has been criticized a lot for not really having a plan to pay for his proposals. This is a fair criticism.

The problem is, most of the people making this criticism are Kerry supporters, and Kerry has the exact same problem.

Kerry's plan is to repeal the income tax cuts on incomes over $200K, and give a 5% tax cut to all corporations. I've not seen any breakdown on the net of these two, but surely they cancel each other out quite a bit. And Kerry wants to increase spending a lot more than Bush on two of the biggest expenditures, education and Medicare. So he is proposing not much more revenue, and a lot more spending, than what we have now, and still says he will significantly cut the deficit.

I've not seen a real breakdown of who would spend more, Bush or Kerry, but neither one of them is proposing significant cutting or additional revenue that would counteract their spending. Both are promising big handouts and tax cuts for businesses and telling us they will pay for it by an improved ecomony that will make businesses more profitable which will increase the amount they pay in taxes, which would be nice, but is something that's hard to count on, since the President can't just will that to happen.

So yeah, Bush can't pay for his proposals, but neither can Kerry. They are both selling the farm. Us fiscal conservatives are weeping. But we knew what we were getting when we voted for Bush in 2000, so it's not like we're surprised, but we still think he was better than Gore would have been, and better than Kerry would be.

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