CBS To Admit It?

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The NY Times is reporting that CBS is preparing to admit that the documents were forgeries, and that officials inside CBS are "beginning to believe" the entire 60 Minutes report never should have aired with what they had.

As to the supposed source of the documents, the Washington Post is reporting that Rather interviewed Bill Burkett on camera about the whole thing. It was likely he was the source before, but according to the Times piece, he convinced producer Mary Mapes of the material, so now it is even more likely.

I imagine we will find out a lot more this week ... but whatever happens, I think Mapes and Rather should resign.

The only real question I have left is who supplied the documents to CBS; if it was Burkett, who put CBS in contact with him. Burkett said he gave some information to the Kerry campaign last month, and advocated using dirty tricks, and was apparently the source of these forgeries, so wondering if the Kerry campaign or DNC supplied some of this information to CBS is not mere speculation: it's a question that demands answering.

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