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I think maybe I was just push polled.

I was asked a long series of questions about various candidates for office in WA, and then given a bunch of positive statements about the Democrat candidate for Attorney General, Deborah Senn, and asked to respond to each whether it was convincing.

At that point -- these questions went on for a few minutes -- I was fairly convinced it was positive push polling. But then they gave me some negative statements about Senn. OK, so maybe not. And then some negative statements about her Republican opponent, Rob McKenna.

The tally was about 5 positive statements and 3 negative about Senn, and 3 negative about McKenna. No positive statements about McKenna. So maybe it was some positive push polling for Senn. (For the record, I told the pollster I had no strong reaction to any of the given statements about any of the candidates, positive or negative. I don't tend to be swayed by short marketing phrases. :-)

Now, it could be that the pollster just wasn't very good. He got a bunch of the names wrong (he never once said Mark Sidran's name properly), and he botched many of the questions (trying, but failing, to say "accreditation"). So maybe he just made a mistake.

Also, I wouldn't guess push polls would last this long (>10 minutes). So I dunno.

I was waiting for the question about my race ... that came at the end, and I, of course, refused to answer it.

The other question I didn't answer was whether I thought the state was headed in the right direction. My answer is, "if Dino Rossi gets elected governor, then yes; if not, no." But that wasn't one of the options. slashdot.org

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