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Kerry seems to pride himself on being an internationalist. His spokesman Richard Holbrooke called him an internationalist the other day on the news.

Does an internationalist sneer at countries helping the U.S., by calling these "nations you can buy on eBay" the "coalition of the bribed"?

Is it internationalist for fellow internationalist and ardent supporter Jimmy Carter to describe our allies -- who are actually putting lives and resources on the line -- as "a handful of tiny countries supposedly helping us in Iraq"?

Is it alienating our allies for Bush to assert our own interests, but not for Carter and Kerry to impugn the allies who help us?

And is it internationalist to preach economic protectionism? Do our allies abroad appreciate it when Kerry bashes companies that hire their workers, who turn around and buy our products, and says he wants to increase barriers to those companies?

I am just not sure what an internationalist is anymore!

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