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On CNN yesterday, representatives of the Bush and Kerry campaigns were in Wisconsin or something, talking to voters in a sort of "town hall" format meeting.

One man asked what Bush is going to do about jobs, since his city has the worst unemployment in the state. No one said the most ovious response to this: "well, some city has to have the worst unemployment in the state."

So many people complain about how this policy sucks because it hurts those people, or this candidate sucks because my city has these problems. But everyone has problems, and every policy hurts someone. It's a balance. And if you want a President who actually cares about the problems of every individual and tries to please them all, then you need to stop and think about how that is even possible. Sure, you've got problems, but it is your job to fix them, not the government's, because the government can't fix everyone's problems.

Take outsourcing. Let's assume for the sake of argument what many people think, that outsourcing helps create MORE jobs in the U.S. You lose your job to outsourcing. Do you really want a President who would sacrifice the jobs of many other people so you won't lose yours? If so, you've got issues.

The job of any government is to do what is best overall, and moreso for the President, who is essentially in charge of 300 million people, all with different and conflicting needs. Before you whine about your problems, consider if the solution would hurt even more people. slashdot.org

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