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I've known since the beginning that the guy who runs hates Bush. But his hatred is becoming more a part of the daily commentary than ever.

Today, he starts off by saying this country is more polarized than ever, but that he himself is still open-minded, because he respects McCain, Lugar, and Hagel. It just so happens these three men have been critical of the war. Could it be that he respects them not because they are decent and honest guys, but because they have criticized Bush? Naaaaaaaah. (Memo to votemaster: don't be so transparent next time.)

Then he maliciously spreads unsubstantiated rumours about two Republican Senate candidates, Jim Bunning and Tom Coburn. Apparently he forgot what he had just said about polarization (or never really meant it).

Not to leave it at that, he continues to bring up the stupid story about what Bush MIGHT have had under his jacket in the first debate, if anything at all. He makes no mention of the fact that Kerry broke the rules in that debate by bringing something on stage, of course.

And when he does talk about debates, he makes no mention of the fact that Bush has taken the lead since the last debate, and has increased his lead daily. Every other time one of the candidates takes the lead after a major event, he mentions it in context. Here, he treats it as an anomaly, and says he has the lead "for the moment," and questions the pollsters' reliability.

So sad.

I apologize to all the people I've led to this site previously. It's deteriorating rapidly.

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