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I read this in a comment today: A good leader should be able once elected to then be a leader to the whole country. Not just those that voted for him. Simply put considering the recent american election results a democrat should be half repiblican and a republican half democrat BECAUSE THAT IS HOW THE AMERICAN PUBLIC VOTED.

I wouldn't bother mentioning it except that a lot of people believe it. A lot of people believe Bush was obligated to do things the Democrats wanted because the election was so close in 2000.

Ignoring the fact that this goes against our Constitutional system, let's examine what this actually means. You have a leader. He has his beliefs of what is best for the country. You want this leader to, half the time, go AGAINST his beliefs of what is best for the country. This is your definition of a good leader: someone who FOLLOWS what other people think is best for the country, instead of doing what he thinks is best.

Pardon me for saying that this is a load of bunk.

Update: Oh, and many of you might think this is just some idiot on Slashdot saying this. I forgot to mention, this was in the New York Times editorial endorsing Kerry: Nearly four years ago, after the Supreme Court awarded him the presidency, Mr. Bush came into office amid popular expectation that he would acknowledge his lack of a mandate by sticking close to the center. Instead, he turned the government over to the radical right.

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