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A lot of people say as one of their main reasons for being against Bush is that, in the words of George Soros, he "doesn't recognize his mistakes."

Yet, Bush has admitted mistakes, in Iraq and elsewhere. And, Bush has said on occasions when he has not mentioned specific mistakes, that he is confident he has made mistakes. So we know it is false to say he does not admit mistakes, that he thinks he makes no mistakes, etc.

This whole thing is a set-up. If Bush admits his mistakes in public, people jump all over him for them. If he doesn't, people jump all over him for it. So he plays the safer political card and doesn't say anything. You may not like it, but you're part of the problem causing it, so shut up.

It's a non-issue. It's pure politics. And what bugs me about it is that people are talking about it like it is something that has relevance, when it is a pure smokescreen. slashdot.org

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