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For any electoral predictions you see, take four from Kerry and add to Bush, if they are giving New Hampshire to Kerry. New Hampshire is close, and New Hampshire is Red Sox country, and the Red Sox won the World Series, and the man who won two huge games -- one against the Yankees, one against the Cardinals -- while having a torn ankle tendon, blood oozing through his sock while pitching, is campaigning for Bush.

Curt Schilling can't actually walk and go to campaign stops, but he has a recorded message, and this will tip the scales for Bush in New Hampshire.

Some people think this is frivolous, but no, those of you out there who think so really don't understand how deeply us New England natives feel about the Boston Red Sox and winning the World Series. We've been waiting 86 years for this. How we see the world is changing because of it. Most of us thought we would die without seeing it happen. And it happened. And it's like a cloud has been lifted. It's as though New England knows it will never have to huddle through another Nor'easter ever again. Everything has changed.

And this man literally came back from the athletic dead, a sports Frankenstein: his tendon was separated and the doctors sewed it to his skin to keep it from touching anything else, so it wouldn't hurt so much. The reason he can't campaign physically is because he can't walk, and yet in the last two weeks, on this hemmed stick, he pitched 13 innings and gave up only one run. He has surgery this Wednesday, if it is not infected.

He laid everything he had on the line, plus some, and without him, the whole region would still be under The Curse, miserable, despondent: the usual. The biggest crowd probably ever -- for anything -- in New England history came out to celebrate the World Series victory on Saturday. And this hero of it all, Curt Schilling, who came to the team last year specifically to win a championship for us, the fans, is campaigning for Bush in a state too close to call, in the final days.

Mark my word, New Hampshire is Bush's. Maybe Maine, too.

Of course, predictions in many of these states are hard enough on their own that we really don't know who will win. But one thing seems likely: if either candidate wins OH, PA, and FL, it is over, and it is almost over if Kerry wins only one of those three. Our chance of a very close election is if Kerry wins two and Bush wins only one, in which case Curt Schilling becomes the deciding factor, just as he was in the playoffs for the Red Sox.

And one other thing is for sure: we won't need to wait 86 years to find out. Maybe 86 days, though ...

P.S. In the Globe story I linked to, the last line makes it sound like Schilling went back on his word when he agreed to record the messages. It's a lie. Schilling apologized for endorsing Bush on Good Morning, America, which he said was the inappropriate time and place to do it, not that he would be reticent to endorse Bush in other, more appropriate, settings. slashdot.org

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