Howard Stern

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I think it is great Stern is moving to Sirius satellite radio. The public airwaves are owned by the public, so the public should get to say if they want them to be censored. Overwhelmingly, people do want such limits. But I am all for free speech, so what's the answer? Satellite radio.

Feb 26 17:39:42 <pudge> i would love to see Stern on XM.

It was a given that they would try this. Stern would get to be uncensored, and make a ton of money as the foremost on-air pioneer of a somewhat new medium. How could he pass it up? The only question was whether one of the providers would pony up the money for it; certainly they would want to do it, but the price was the key. I figured XM had the most to offer, having more subscribers, but that only means Sirius had more incentive. And in the end Sirius did it, and in the end, might have more subscribers because of it.

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