A Way In Which TiVo Sucks

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When I watch sports, I record them on the TiVo, even I am watching live, so I don't change channel by mistake and miss something. I set it to record for an additional three hours, which is the maximum possible for an event.

Normally, this is enough. Saturday's Sox-Yankees game was the longest nine-inning game in ALCS history, at 4+ hours, and it was enough. Sunday's game was the longest extra-innings game in ALCS history at 5+ hours, and it was enough.

Monday's game was the longest postseason game in baseball history, approaching 6 hours. Bottom of the 14th, 2 outs, Ortiz at bat and Damon on second. Ortiz hits it up the middle. Damon rounds third, and ... the TiVo stops. It's six hours.

I was watching live, so it keeps playing, but there is a pause, right in between Damon rounding third and the celebration on the field. I miss the actual score. It does not exist on my TiVo.

Grrrrrrrrr. use.perl.org

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