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This Sox-Yankees series is probably the best baseball series in the history of baseball.

It has everything. Arch rivals for 100 years, finishing first and second in the division for several years in a row. Last year the Sox blew Game 7 in the playoffs, and then went to improve their team by signing the best player in the league, who was then signed by the Yankees.

The Sox started the season great, pummeling the Yankees, but the Yanks turned it around, and finished three games ahead overall, while the Sox finished three games ahead of the Yankees in head-to-head games.

The Yankees won the first three games of the series: never in the history of baseball has a series gone seven games after one team won the first three. Until now: the Sox won three straight, and here we are again, Game 7.

The series itself has been amazing. The winningest pitcher in the league, Curt Schilling, was lame with a torn tendon in Game 1 and got shelled, and then came back to shut down the Yankees to win Game 6. Game 2 was a pitcher's duel, and Game 3 was one of the biggest blowouts in league championship history.

Then came games 4 and 5, each going over 5 hours, and into extra innings, with the Sox coming from behind in both to beat the best closer in baseball, on back to back nights: something that has never been done to him.

Already, this series has broken records. The aforementioned three straight for each team is one. Equally excruciating is the fact that this is the longest series in terms of hours in the history of baseball, at 25:36, and they have played only six games.

So Wednesday's Game 7 is just going to be huge.

And I have a hockey game to play during it. I can record it of course, but 1. this is a game you want to watch live, and b. I just know someone at the hockey game will tell me what happened. So do I play my hockey game or watch the ball game?

Curt Schilling made a big deal after the game tonight about how he failed in Game 1 but prayed for the strength to compete in Game 6, and God gave it to him. It wasn't a "Jesus made us win" speech. For Schilling, prayer is not a way to win, but a way to reach your greatest potential.

And so he has inspired me, and I asked myself, What Would Curt Do?

Clearly, he would play the game, for his team, for himself.

So anyone who tells me what happens in the Sox game before I watch it on the TiVo gets a punch in the gut. use.perl.org

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