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Something just hit me.

I realized the other day that the only Boston team to NOT beat St. Louis for a championship was the Red Sox. Someone else noted that all three other teams broke major slumps against St. Louis: the Celtics won their first ever championship against them in 1957, the Bruins broke a 41-year slump in 1970, and the Patriots won their first in 2002.

And just now it hit me: all three teams lost the next year (58, 71, 03), but went on to win another championship the following year (59, 72, 04).

Could we be seeing the Sox again in 06?

Also, never have two Boston teams won a championship in the same year. This would only be the second deacade two Boston teams have won, which makes up for the fact that the 90s was the first that none won.

Of course, the Sox actually have to win it. And I, and millions of other fans, are probably jinxing it right now by talking so much about this stuff.

I am going to play hockey again tonight, perhaps missing the victory. I almost hope they lose so I can watch the actual victory live. Which means I am probably jinxing it further.

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