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It isn't completely over yet, but it looks like it. (This just in: Kerry just now conceded.)

And all the Democrats I know are just making excuses. It's the media's fault, they were unfair. It's Bush's fault, he lied. It's the people's fault, they are stupid for believing the lies, or don't know what is in theirs or the country's best interests.

It's like they are all Yankees fans, trying to explain away how they got beat by the Red Sox. You lost, fair and square. The quicker you own up to that fact, the quicker you can try to fix your obviously broken party. And let me offer you a suggestion: the people of this country don't like your values, and you need to do something about it. And yes, that includes gay marriage and unrestricted abortion, and it includes your view of the Middle East.

And it's not that people are stupid: on the contrary, they are far smarter than you give them credit for, because despite your attempts to cover up your party's far left values, they saw right through it.

I hope the Democrats die because of this. Just like the Republican party of the 1850s, which arose from the ashes of the dominant parties ignoring the key concerns of a great number of people, I hope a new party is formed that is socially moderate and fiscally conservative, like the Democrats used to be. Not that the Republican party doesn't have problems of its own, but there's overwhelming agreement on its platform (if only they would govern according to it!).

In Washington, it looks like the GOP gained the Attorney General as it seemed we would, and the governor's race is just tied, which is far better than any in the media thought the GOP would do. Rossi is leading the Democrat Gregoire by 1,000 votes out of 1.9 million, with over 2/3 of the precincts in. We won't know this one for awhile.

And finally, you may thank me for the GOP victory. All day yesterday I wore my lucky Patriots hat and shirt, that I wore for 21 straight Patriots victories, that I wore for those 8 straight Red Sox victories in the playoffs. I know the Pats lost this past Sunday, because they got blown out in the first half, but guess who wasn't wearing his lucky shirt for the first half of the game? slashdot.org

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