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Four years ago, the Democrats decided they would undermine the GOP majority by sniping and complaining about every little thing.

Already this time, we see the Democrats blaming stupid people, "conservative" media, and a lying President for the Democratic Party failures.

We know the media is not slanted right, we know Kerry lied at least as much as Bush, and we know that the people who voted for Kerry are not any smarter than the people who voted for Bush.

But what point is there in arguing about it? They won't change their mind, even if they really believe it, and by engaging in the discussion you just aid their goal of dragging down the country so the GOP majority cannot be successful in its goals.

So ignore them. Dismiss them. Don't even try to prove them wrong. Think pearls and swine. Move on. If they want to live in negativity and the past and play the blame game, they are not worth your time. If they want to talk about how to move forward, then great. slashdot.org

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