WA Governor Race

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This race is incredible. As of Friday, Gregoire (D) was up by about 18,000, and then Rossi closed to within 4,000 before the weekend. Then Gregoire took another big lead on Monday, which Rossi closed to 2,000 on Tuesday, and now Rossi has widened his lead to 4,000.

With 2.6m votes counted, there's about 150K left, with only about 1/3 of those in precincts coming from those favoring Gregoire. Strictly by the numbers, Rossi looks to be in position to win; however, there could be as many as 90K provisional ballots (I am not sure if those are included in the 150K ... I think they are), which might swing it back toward Gregoire.

Counties must certify votes by Nov. 17, and if the gap is within 2,000 votes, there will be an automatic recount. Ugh.

And not for nothin', but a certain ces told me that I was a bit uninformed if I thought Rossi could win WA. :p slashdot.org

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