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Today UPS brings some capacitors to me so I can try to repair my dead graphite AirPort base station. I've essentially verified it's the two capacitors that are blown; hopefully, I can fix the sucker up.

I gave it to my father-in-law, and he needs it to connect to a modem connection, so third-party options are limited for replacement, and the Apple replacement costs about $200. I could always give him mine with a modem and buy a new one, but I want one with an antenna port (which I am planning on buying soon, the Dr. Bott one), and only the $200 base station has an antenna port.

So I am hoping this $13.50 repair ($1 parts, the rest shipping and handling) will take care of it.

If I don't post a followup soon, it's because I burned my fingers and can't type.

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