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Most of you have heard of Michael Newdow, the atheist lawyer who sued to disallow his child from reciting -- or having her classmates recite -- the Pledge of Allegiance with the word "God" in it. (As he had no custody over his child, he had no legal standing to sue, and the Supreme Court tossed it out; he is trying again.)

He also filed suit a few years ago over President Bush's inclusion of a prayer at his inauguration, arguing that this forces Newdow to accept unwanted religious beliefs. He lost -- duh -- with the court noting that he did not suffer "a sufficiently concrete and specific injury" from the prayers, but is trying again this year.

If he lost already, what basis does he have to try again? Well last time he watched at home, and this time he is going to the inauguration, and that the atmosphere will therefore be more coercive.

You know, something tells me he is not going to be coerced, regardless of whether he is in attendance.

This is America. If you don't like something, then ignore it. Get over yourself and buy a clue. slashdot.org

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