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I saw the TMBG documentary Gigantic. It was great, except for Ira Glass and Syd Straw, who by themselves almost ruined it. She is perpetually unfunny and he's just a tool.

What the hell was that crap with Glass saying he feels sorry for them because they can't listen to their own music as though it was somebody else's? And hey, if you say it THREE MORE TIMES in different ways, we might finally think you're being interesting!

And dammit, Sarah Vowell, must you try to explain everything with metaphor? You're like a pixie version of Tom Friedman. Is "essayist" a euphemism for "person who tries too hard to get people to think they are deep so she can feel better about herself"? This was especially betrayed in her whole "The fact that I like TMBG proves that I am smart" spiel. Pass the crackpipe.

(Maybe I can be to This American Life what Jon Stewart is to Crossfire ... nah.)

Oh, and I found it interesting that much of the footage they showed was from the days leading up to 9/11/2001 -- including a live gig at a Tower Records after midnight the morning of 9/11 -- and they made no mention of 9/11 (unless I missed it), unlike Sting's All This Time documentary/concert ... but in the latter case it was unavoidable, since the concert took place the night of 9/11, after it already happened.

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