MP3-Info-1.10 Released

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MP3-Info-1.10 has been released. Download it from the CPAN or

(Note: it may take time for the release to propagate to the various download mirrors.)

* v1.10, day, December 27, 2004
   Make utf8 enabled by default (if available).
   perl 5.6 is now required.
   Remove dependency on
   Use three-arg open.  (Alex Marandon)
   Make reading of genres a bit more nimble.  (Brian S. Stephan)
   Fix frame counting.  (Ben Winslow, Anthony DiSante)
   Fix syncsafe byte reading.  (Pierre-Yves Thoulon, et al)
   Some Unicode fixes.  (Ilya Konstantinov)
   More changes for Unicode.  Unicode::String no longer used; Encode is used
   instead.  Encode::Guess used as last resort.  (Dan Sully)
   Optimizations and other fixes.  (michael, Dan Sully)
   Support for reading ID3v2 tags from WAV and AIFF files.  Not fully
   supported.  (Dan Sully)

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