Skiing and Gambling and Shooting, in that order

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I am taking every Monday off for a few months, to go skiing. Good stuff.

I pulled my hamstring on Dec. 22 in a hockey game. It did OK today on the slopes (I never go down more than intermediate anyway, so not a ton of stress, but a good amount). I have to decide if I think it has healed enough to play this season of hockey, but I am optimistic.

There's a casino less than three miles from my house, that I didn't know about until recently. It's not huge, but a decent size -- 22K sqaure feet, 425 slots, 10 tables -- but it's back in the woods away from any main road, so I'd never seen it. There's also a gun range about seven miles away. On a date, should I go shooting first, gambling second, or vice versa?

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