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From Mediaweek, December 12, 2005:

Bill O'Reilly, anchor of The CBS Evening News, was formally suspended today for hitting a small child during an interview. The child, a national spokesperson for Children with Hearing Disabilities, enraged the volatile anchor by refusing to "shut up" when ordered to. Sources report that the child, an eight-year-old girl with 80% to 90% hearing loss in both ears, simply could not hear the red-faced O'Reilly bellowing at her, and so continued to describe the recent efforts of the CHD to improve the lives of the partially deaf. The anchor was unavailable for comment, but his spokesperson referred all questions to the platinum-plus member section of Oreilly.com.

-- Rob Long, "The Long View," National Review, Dec. 27, 2004

I love Rob Long. He's a former executive producer of Cheers (which is saying something, as he is only in his 30s), and now he does some radio show and writes columns for National Review. He rarely fails to crack me up.

Anyway, the above is funny for several reasons, but I wonder how much traffic it drove to our publishing friend. use.perl.org

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