Lincoln Day Dinner

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On Saturday night I went to the Lincoln Day Dinner, an annual county Republican fundraiser.

It was interesting seeing, essentially, everyone countywide who is important in the party in one place. The county councilmen, county sheriff (who is running for county executive in 2007), party officials, etc. We sat next to one of our district's two reps to the state House, Kirk Pearson. Mike Siegel gave a speech, as did former governor-elect Dino Rossi. The keynote was from Bob Williams, former WA candidate for governor.

Williams said one thing I've known, but just made me think. He said majorities don't change things; small groups of people committed to change accomplish change. It made me think of this journal and how my recounting of involvement with politics has encouraged others to, at least, think of becoming involved themselves.

It's why I am involved at all. I want to change things, so I get off my rear and do something about it. And it's why I bother posting this stuff: so any of you who wish to get involved will have the process demystified a bit, as that was always my biggest barrier to entry. I didn't know how to do things, what to do, how anything worked. I still don't know these things very well, but I figure, whatever I can pass on can help.

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