WA Governor Race Update

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The Republicans won their latest court battle in the effort to get Dino Rossi made the governor of WA, which was to get a court order to move on to the next step, to try to prove the election should be nullified, so a new election is held.

The Democrats claim victory, but of course, it isn't a victory for them. They were denied everything they were asked for, including a provision in the order that would require the Republicans to prove who each fraudulent vote was for, which is impossible, which is why they wanted it.

The Democrats do have one half-decent point: the Republicans have not laid all their evidence of fraudulent votes, in detail, on the table. But then again, it's not yet time for that information to be required. Maybe it's best to wait until they have it all together and ready to make a cohesive case, instead of releasing it all in pieces.

Anyway, the point is simply that it's all moving forward for the Republicans. slashdot.org

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