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This Terri Schiavo case is the first right-wing cause in a long time that you can sing folk music in support of.

You can't sing folk music in support of war, tax cuts, private retirement accounts, etc. I know, there's abortion, but that's old.

The left usually gets the good folk music issues. And I don't mean the war; that ship sailed in the 60s. They were best off when they replayed old Dylan tunes, and even then, it seemed more like an obscene parody, because it just highlighted how much better off we are today than we were then.

Gay rights is a great folk music issue, though. And to a lesser extent, the left also has some decent folk music fodder in job loss, class struggle, and similar economic issues.

But this Terri Schiavo thing just screams folk music, and it's about time the right got some.

No, I won't write it.

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