DeLong Can't Handle Disagreement

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On Brad DeLong's site, he wrote a piece that, at the end, claimed as fact that you could not honestly evaluate Bush's policies sees a deficit cut in half.

I responded, entirely accurately:

"No more claims that an honest forecast of what George W. Bush's policies are sees the deficit cut in half by the end of this decade. It doesn't."

So, you've been to the future then?

How does it "raise the level of the debate" when you assert as fact something that is not?
He deleted my response, inserting "[troll]" in its place.

What a [tool].

update 1 p.m. PT

Heh, [tool] deleted my next post too. Someone responded to me -- before the first post was deleted -- and I responded:

sm, I know he used forecast. And he said an honest forecast does not say that budgets will be cut in half. He's being dishonest. He could say "I think such a forecast is not reasonable," but to say no such forecast can exist is dishonest. Clearly.

And to add to this dishonesty, he deleted my post calling him on it.
And then he did it again!

Jeez. He must have extreme confidence problems. I almost feel bad for him.

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