Democrats in WA Should Change Their Name

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Democrats in Washington have completely given up any pretense that they actually care about democracy. I am not one to normally make overt partisan attacks, but what other way is there to say it, when the Democratic party is united in attacking the will of the voters?

It is difficult to understand how they could justify their stance on election reform: by not requiring identification to vote, they are diluting the power of each legal voter's ballot, because if you don't check identification, people can more easily vote illegally, which means more people will vote illegally, which means my vote has less meaning.

Not only that, but in refusing to take such action, they violate federal voting law (HAVA) and, arguably, the state and federal constitutions, which set out guidelines for eligible voters that are violated when proper identification is not required.

But that democracy-destroying inaction pales in comparison to the new law passed by the Democrats this week that overturns voter initiative 601, which required 2/3 of the legislature to pass tax increases.

I am not going to argue a supermajority is democratic while a majority is not; that's foolish, and Governor Gregoire's argument that she "believes in a majority vote" is a straw man, because the point is not that a supermajority is in some way inherently superior, but that this is the clear and expressed will of the people of Washington, and the Democrats abolished it simply because it was inconvenient for them.

The Democrats are sending an unmistakable signal: when they are in power, they don't care about the will of the voters; what Gregoire "believes in" is more important than what the voters want. The clear message voters should get from this is that Democrats should not be in power.

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