Crazy Retarded People

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Someone sends me an AIM, and at first this was my own personal The Wrong George moment, but then the person got REALLY crazy-loco. I censored a few words so as not to offend the readers.

AIM IM with Pawlosko.
Pawlosko: Hey rus, its Captain Tenille.
Pawlosko: I'm away from my home right now and using a friend's screen name.
Pawlosko: Had a quick question for you...
Chris Nandor: who?
Pawlosko: CT
Chris Nandor: think maybe you got the wrong person.
Pawlosko: ...
Pawlosko: Anyway NIWS has a new account, hoping you could wipe it before it causes problems.
Pawlosko: Are you looking in the logs??
Chris Nandor: i have no idea what you're talking about. i don't know you or NIWS.
Chris Nandor: you have the wrong nick.
Pawlosko: rusty?
Pawlosko has been blocked.

Pawlosko has been unblocked.
AIM IM with Pawlosko.
Pawlosko: Are you pudge?
Pawlosko: ***** ******, do you want me to *** *** *** ***?
Pawlosko: Why are you fixing to start ****?
Chris Nandor: no, i am rusty.
Pawlosko: Who is NIWS then?
Chris Nandor: the guy with the new account, duh.
Pawlosko: Idiot.

AIM IM with Pawlosko.
Pawlosko: Everyone I know says you are a total ****, pudge.
Pawlosko: So are you going to *** *** *** or not?
Pawlosko: s
Pawlosko: **** **** like you **** ESR's you little ****.
Chris Nandor: riiiiiiight.
Pawlosko has been blocked.

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